How Capital Rotation and COVID-19 Disrupted G-7

In 2020, just before the announcement of COVID-19, 5 industries dominated the global economy in terms of return on investment, measured as rate of $100 invested in 2000 by 2019: chemicals, personal & health + hygene goods, construction & building materials, oil & gas and basic resources. Notoriously, at the bottom of the same RoI league were telecom, media, technology, insurance and financial services.

As a result of a long study collaboration with EY, the NEO/EY 5x Labs gained traction during the pandemic with a blended FMCG/E-commerce focus. CtQ & SEB gained slots in 5x in Q2’21 while 120Y and DoggoCollar became members in Q3’21.

Being a TMT veteran as an investor, NeoVentures sold TMT assets, raised capital from private investors fortunate to be at the forefront of traditional industries and swiftly acquired positions in anticyclical sectors, such as healthcare (remote diagnosis of COVID/UTI) and public safety, along with a novel theme: IoI connectivity for low earth orbirts.

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