What do we look for in a startup?

In order to answer that we must, first of all, ask the following question: What do startups need? In our experience, startups generally need guidance and a strong network, in addition to the sought capital, in order to fulfill their full growth potential. On top of that, the funding support shall be continuous, as aContinue reading “What do we look for in a startup?”

How Capital Rotation and COVID-19 Disrupted G-7

In 2020, just before the announcement of COVID-19, 5 industries dominated the global economy in terms of return on investment, measured as rate of $100 invested in 2000 by 2019: chemicals, personal & health + hygene goods, construction & building materials, oil & gas and basic resources. Notoriously, at the bottom of the same RoIContinue reading “How Capital Rotation and COVID-19 Disrupted G-7”